20mm Illuminated Acrylic Letters

Technical Specifications

product20mm Acrylic with Stainless face
MAIN MATERIAL20mm Plexiglass
FACE1 mm Chrome/Brushed
LEDNano Strip Led

Product Images

Illuminated Acrylic Letters: The Best Signage Solutions

Has finding the best signage makers to deliver your clients nothing besides best signage solutions been a tough task?

Or are you struggling to find the best trade sign letters from an endless list of options available?

Whatever the case, we come before you like bold, brash, and distinctive makers of trade sign letters. While other business owners resort only to traditional channel letters as their trade signs, introduce your clients to the acrylic illuminated letters. 

Acrylic Illuminated trade signages can bring a new life to your brand recognition. The modern, sleek and bright acrylic illuminated letters from Trade Built Up Letters are a perfect signage solution to market your brand in a vivid manner. In the past few years, acrylic letters have been an enticing brand recognition tool for many global brands. These illuminated trade signs can make your business stand out in the competition. 

As a company that curates signage solutions, with time, you might probably experience large incoming clientele ordering illuminated acrylic trade signs. Do not let the increasing clientele trouble you with the worries of finding the right signage manufacturer. In a scenario as such, let Trade Built Up Letters be your manufacturer to ensure delivering trade signs with no margin of errors. 

Who Are We?

Are you looking for a reputed acrylic illuminated letters producer in the United Kingdom?

If yes, we stand at your resort. We are the Trade Built Up Letters, one of the highest quality signage makers in the UK. We hold expertise in producing all kinds to trade signs solutions which include manufacturing acrylic letters too. Whether your clients demand illuminated, non-illuminated, halo, or channel letters, we are a one-stop producer to all kinds of trade sign projects. 

Ever since our establishment, we have committed to manufacture superior quality trade sign letters for your clients. Partnering with industry-expert design specialists, engineers, and craftsmen, we deliver the best trade signages across the UK. We are a firm armed with the best letter-making tools and technologies. 

Collaborate With Trade Built Up Letters to Curate Highest Quality Acrylic Illuminated Letters

We produce and manufacture premium quality illuminated and non-illuminated acrylic letter signs. Designed to consume minimum energy, the Trade Built Up Letters uses the nano strip LEDs to illuminate the acrylic signages produced. Read the technical specifications of the acrylic letters fabricated by us:

  1. Product: 20mm acrylic letter with stainless face
  2. Main Material: Plexiglass (20mm)
  3. Face: 1mm Chrome/Brushed
  4. LED: Nano Strip LED

Why Choose Us?

Our professional character dedication to delivering superior quality signages at competitive pricing makes us one of the most resorted Trade Sign Makers in the United Kingdom. Our team of professional designers and engineers ensure that your clients receive only the best-finished products when it comes to trade sign letters like illuminated acrylic signage. 

From all the options available, we want you to choose us as your acrylic letters manufacturer because:

  • We are experts in producing trade signages.
  • We partner with industry expert design masters and engineers to fabricate trade sign letters for your clientele. 
  • Trade Built Up Letters Produce Signage Solutions that reflect quality and innovation.
  • Competitive Pricing is our USP.
  • We are the proponents of direct and professional communication.