3D Chrome Letters & Logo

Technical Specifications

product3D Chrome Logo & Letters
CHROME COLORSSilver(Mirror), Gold, Black(Smoked), Copper, Satin, Gold Satin, Copper Satin, Static Painted
FACE & SIDES0,60 – 0,80 – 1 mm Chrome
LightigLED Modules White/Amber/Red/Green/Blue/RGB

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Brand Recognition Made Easy Via 3D Channel Letters Signage UK

The 3D Channel Letters Signage are the talk of the town when it comes to the best brand recognition tools. They are a uniquely stylish signage solution ensuring that the businesses get noticed by every potential customer coming across. These trade signs have been popular amongst the business folks for their eye-catching characteristic. 

The 3D channel letters are also popular for another set of reasons. They are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and efficient trade sign solution which provides room for creative designing. Usually made using metals like aluminum, the 3D letters are quite noticeable and engaging. However, businesses can choose to go for illuminated 3D channel letters and logos to ensure just as much engagement during nights as the days.  

How can We Help You?

We are Trade Built Up Letters!

If you are seeking a reputed manufacturer of 3D letters signage UK, we stand at your service. As a trade signage fabricator, we have a name in the industry that synonymizes only superior quality products. 3D Channel letters manufactured by us belong to the highest-quality only. We are a proud team of professional design masters, experienced engineers, and potential craftsmen that makes us the perfect destination for all your signage manufacturing needs. 

Equipped with only the best trade sign-making tools and technologies, Trade Built Up Letters manufacturers highly versatile and attractive 3D letters UK. Right from the materials used, to the tools and technologies concerned, our team uses keeps a tab of everything during the process of manufacturing. It ensures that you receive only the praises when your clients receive the 3D letters we produce. 

Technical Specifications

We fabricate 3D channel letters and trade signs and deliver our services across the United Kingdom. If you are in search of a promising 3D channel letters sign maker, the technical specifications of the 3D letters we produce might interest you.

  1. Product: 3D chrome letters and logos
  2. Colors Available: Silver, Gold, Black, Copper, Satin, Gold Satin, Copper Satin, Static Painted
  3. Faces and Sides: 0.60, 0.80, and 1mm chrome
  4. Lighting: LED modules (White, Amber, Red, Green, Blue, RGB)
  5. Back Cover: 10mm PVC Foam

What Does Trade Built Up Letters Do?

We are a reputed signage manufacturing company in the United Kingdom. We fabricate all kinds of trade sign solutions. Producing 3D channel letters is one of our many specialties. Our team delivers the best trade signs including 3D letters UK.

We fabricate illuminated as well as non-illuminated premium quality 3D channel letters. Using the eco-friendly LED modules, we illuminate your trade signages in a way that they become hard to miss. The Trade Built Up Letters works as an extension to your company. While you focus on attracting new clients to generate signage orders, we stand behind the curtains to complete those orders with utmost sincerity. 

Rest assured, collaborating with us means that your clients get nothing besides the best 3D channel letters for their business. 

To know more about the manufacturing and fabrication of 3D channel letters and logos, contact us

For uniquely stylish signage, 3D letters are a perfect brand recognition tool. Trade Built Up Letters specializes in manufacturing 3D signs and built-up letters. We supply 3D signs just as your requisite demands. Whether you are in need of powder-coated signages, digitally printed graphics, or mill finish built-up letters, we do it all. 

3D letters are the brand recognition tool that attracts attention like no other trade signs. And as a leading trade signs and signage letters manufacturer, we specialize in manufacturing 3D letters. Also, we do manufacture a wide range of full-fledged signage projects. We make signage trays, totem signages, and 3D built-up letters in various materials. 

Whether 3D or not, good channel letters are all about quality and aesthetics. And they can only be produced via quality materials. All the materials that we use for manufacturing your order are supplied only from ISO-certified suppliers. We use nothing besides premium quality materials. We use stainless steel, aluminum, and plexiglass.

We are a signage and trade built-up letters manufacturing company based in the United Kingdom. Our factory is located in the UK. We manufacture all of the orders received in our factory. We perform all our duties from the UK ensuring no hidden charges. 

To us, nothing stands above our clients. And maintaining their confidentiality is our utmost priority. We treat your orders as private and confidential. We do not use your orders or brand name on any platform for marketing purposes either. Rest assured your 3D letters work would be kept confidential.

The turnaround time for any order shall depend entirely on the scale of the order. Trade Built Up Letters is known to offer the quickest turnaround on the 3D channel letters orders in the industry. We aim to turn around any order received in less than 2 weeks.

The 3D channel letters production takes time. You can expect the turnaround of your order within 2 weeks since the order is placed. However, in case of an emergency, we try our best to help our clients and customers. Please contact us to place an urgent order.

The Trade Built Up Letters team aims to facilitate its clientele with the best services. For price and quotations, you can expect to hear from us within 24 hours.

We deliver your 3D signs and signages order via external courier service. The orders are insured before the shipment.