Profile 3 – Premium Back-lit Channel Letters

  • Acrylic based back-lit channel letters can be produced based on stainless steel or aluminium material by UK based sign makers.
  • We can use 10-20mm Acrylic back. Illuminated using high quality LED modules.
  • The LED lights get diffused by help of acrylic based back and offers homogeneous light distribution without any spotting. The light is smooth and evenly distributed.
  • For Aluminium options electrostatical powder coating is applied in any RAL colour required.

Technical Specifications

Back Acrylic Depth10-20mm
Side Band Depth40-160mm | 20-100 mm
MontageHigh Mounting Screws
LightingLED Modules White/Amber/Red/Green/Blue/RGB
Color OptionsRAL, Silver, Gold, Bronze, Black
Min. Height250 | 150 mm
Max. Height3000+ | 1500 mm

Product Images

Backlit Channel Letter Signs Makers

If you are looking for Backlit Channel Letter Signs Makers to deliver your clients the highest quality signage and letters, Trade Built Up Letters shall be your ideal choice. We are an expert signage maker who can provide your firm with some innovatively unique letter signs. We manufacture channel letters that befit the specifications laid by your clients. Equipped with a professional team of signage designers, engineers, and fabricators, we aspire to manufacture next-to-none signages and letters.

As a leading signage manufacturer of the United Kingdom, we hold expertise in producing backlit channel letter signs besides all other types of signage products.

There’s a reason why businesses today are willing to invest in built-up letters and logos more than ever before. The signage letters are a great way to attract potential customers to the business. If you are a trade signage company that aims to impress its clients with unique and quality signs and letters at budget-friendly pricing, consider approaching backlit channel letter signs makers. Trade Built Up Letters is a reputed signage producer that assists you in delivering the best signs and letters for the signage projects of your clients.

Backlit Channel Letter Signs @ Trade Built Up Letters

Aren’t channel letters one of the leading brand recognition tools of recent times. Whether it is a small florist store or some reputed shopping mall, backlit channel letters can attract an audience like no other signages. Considering the rising demands of channel letter signs, as a signage company, you stand on the verge to receive a lot of projects for backlit channel letter signs.

But there’s nothing to be worried about with the increasing clientele of backlit channel letters because Trade Built Up Letters stands at your resort. We fabricate appealing and innovative channel letter signages leaving no margin for errors. With a working crew that combines the latest tools and technologies to produce all kinds of signage solutions, we are one of the proud backlit channel letter signs makers of the UK. Keep reading to know why you need to choose us as your backlit channel letter signs manufacturer.

Premium Backlit Channel Letter Producer

Trade Built Up Letters is an industry expert when it comes to fabricating signage solutions in the United Kingdom. Fulfilling the details and specifications requested by your clients, we produce premium quality backlit acrylic-based channel letters on stainless steel and aluminium. The acrylic base used in the backlit letters is about 10-20mm thick. To light up the channel letter signs, we use high-quality LED modules ensuring durable trade signs for your clientele. The acrylic base on the back of signage letters diffuses the LED modules to deliver evenly spread smooth lighting. The electro-statical powder coating is used in the channel letter signs made using aluminium material to ensure durability.

Following are the technical specifications of the Backlit Channel Letters we fabricate.

1. Base Material: Stainless Steel and Aluminium
2. Acrylic Back Depth: 10-20mm
3. Lighting: RGB, Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White-coloured LED modules
4. Colours Available: RAL (Reichs-Ausschuß für Lieferbedingungen und Gütesicherung), Silver, Gold, Black and Bronze.
5. Dimensions: Minimum Height: 150-250 mm, Maximum Height: 1500-3000+ mm
6. Montage: High Mounting Screws

Why Choose Trade Built Up Letters as Your Backlit Channel Letter Signs Makers?

Firstly, because we are an industry expert when it comes to manufacturing trade signs and letters, we are an ideal choice. Renowned for our high-tech equipment and professional team of engineers and designers, we are a one-stop solution for your signage needs. As a signage company, you need to choose us over other trade sign manufacturers because:

• We hold expertise in fabricating trade signs and Stainless Channel letters.
• We are a team of design masters, engineers, and craftsmen armed with the latest tools and technologies.
• We provide innovative, quality signage solutions at reasonable pricing.
• Advice, suggestions, and quotations are always free.
• Professional and direct communication.