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What Are The Different Types Of Banners For Advertising?


Banners are everywhere. You can find them at fairs, in shops, outside restaurants, and at events. They come in many different shapes and sizes for different placement options and each has its own unique benefits. 

For a long time, banners have been a basic promotional and marketing item. They have become highly sophisticated over the years as printing technology continues to evolve. Today you can get a different type of banner design for any purpose.

Different types of banners are ideal for different purposes. Depending on your situation and the reason why you need a banner, you will find the type that is ideal for you in the list above. Before you commission your printer to make different kinds of banners for you, think about its purpose and where it will be erected, as some banners are ideal for indoor use, while others do very well outdoors.

What Is A banner?

Banners are long strips of material bearing a slogan or design intended to represent a company, organization, government, or other entity.

Although a dictionary may describe banners as being made of fabric, today a different type of banner design can be made up of several different materials, all with varying degrees of thickness, pliability, and durability. Banners differ from flags in how they are displayed, rather than in color, shape, or design. A banner will be attached at both ends, while a flag tends to be attached on one side to a pole or pole.

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Below Are Some Of The Most Popular Banner Types

Vinyl banners

These kinds of banners are also famous as polyvinyl banners. Vinyl banners are now among the most standard. Polyvinyl banners are preferred over other different kinds of banners due to their strength. They can be used together indoors and outdoors. In the 21st century, digital printing has become pretty affordable. One can get a full-color banner at a reasonably low price compared to the single-color banners of the 1990s.

Typically, a vinyl banner weighs around 13 ounces, which is the weight of the material per square foot. Weight can range from 8 oz. up to 22 oz. per square foot. Vinyl banners come in a variety of textures. You can select from a sleek or matte texture. Most clients prefer the matte finish because it is more refined and doesn’t look like plastic.

If you plan to place the banner outside, a glossy finish is preferable because it won’t get dirty as quickly as a matte finish.

Fabric Banners

Fabric banner is a subcategory of poly banners. Fabric banners are sometimes known as polyester fabric banners. Their popularity continues to grow due to their durability, which makes these types of outdoor advertising banners for use. In addition, the printing technology applied to textile banners provides incredible color fastness.

The reason colors last longer on fabric banners is that during the printing process, the pressure and heat cause the fabric cells to expand and open, resulting in better ink absorption. As a result of heat and pressure, the ink later turns into a gas and then fuses with the fabric, becoming an integral part of it.

The printing process results in a continuous print tone that is very similar to a real photo when printed in full color. Fabric banners are specific to the best aesthetically appealing signs. There are heavy-duty polyester fabrics that are ideal for types of outdoor advertising banners but can still be used indoors when attached to a banner stand.

Poly Knit Banners

Poly knit banners, a member of fabric banners, have been popularized due to the easy availability of polyester materials in the market. The most popular material in this category is poly knit, which features a stretchy fabric that makes it ideal for use at trade shows and hanging displays.

The non-stretch version of this banner is used to create attractive banners that can be hung from the ceiling. Poly knit banners usually weigh the bottom pocket on the pole to make them easier to hang without creasing.

Poly Satin Banners

The poly satin banner is also a member of the fabric banner category. It is highly prone to creasing. Therefore, it should always be rolled up during transport. The poly satin banner comes in a variety of knits. These include heavyweight knits, medium knits, and lightweight knits.

Mesh banners

Mesh banners are great for large types of outdoor advertising banners, especially in areas where weather conditions are problematic. This banner usually contains crossed, transparent threads, but to some extent; hence the name ‘net banner’.

Although this banner is semi-transparent, it can still be printed. Mesh banners use a polyester material that allows mid-air to pass over them. Features holes to keep the sail effect at bay. Mesh banners are commonly used on sports field fences or in construction areas as temporary fences to separate pedestrians from construction workers.

Mesh banners can be printed in full color. You can add any number of background colors, photos, clip art, and text if you want. As for the termination options, you can choose between grommets and heat-welded hems. Use a ball bungee when hanging this banner to prevent it from being torn by the wind.

Pull-up banners

Pull-up banners are also known as pop-up banners. They are recognized for their flexibility and portability. When you’re done using it, simply fold it up and then put it back in the case. This helps to save space. Pull-up banners are perfect for indoor usage, especially in workplaces and exhibition rooms.

The good thing about these types of banners is that they can be used for multiple events and are also cheap enough to justify a one-time purchase.

Step and Repeat Banners

Neutral frameworks for booths and walls are an essential immoral. Photographs need to be taken for the press, presentations need to be listened to, and keynote speakers don’t want to be distracted by their surroundings.

So why not capitalize on this drab affair with your brand? Stepping and repeating banners allow you to cover up garish wallpapers and boring backgrounds, all while marketing your company logo and name. Repeating your logo or pictogram on their fabric allows them to blend into the scenery while promoting awareness of your business through photography and video.


Trade Signs

Trade Signs is one of the most favorite and highly available web printing solutions. This feature offers a wide range of features and customization.

In the printing of trade signs and graphics. You can see both screen printing and digital printing that you need. You can see many types of commercial signs like FLAT CUT Sign Letters, Non illuminated Channel LettersBacklit Halo illuminated Channel LettersPremium Back-lit Channel Letters3D Chrome Letters & Logo.

Some of the major service businesses in the trade sign:

·         Interior Signage

·         Exterior Signage

·         Window graphics & Frostings

·         Automotive graphics and Wraps

·         Digital large-format printing

·         PVC and mesh banners

Other Different Types Of Banners

Advertising signs and banners are an incredibly versatile marketing solution. In addition to the above styles, you can find walking backpack flags, canopy tents with custom-printed walls, and large event backdrops.

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These banner stands are highly effective in communicating your brand message to your visitors. The different kinds of banners must be selected according to your presentation requirements. If you are a new player or an existing player but are confused to choose the right banner for your booth. Then you don’t have to worry because the exhibition stand design is the best for your stand. Contact us via phone call or mail to get your trade sign quotation instantly.

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