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Beginner’s Guide To Commercial Sign Maintenance | Types Of Sign Repairs


Business sign maintenance is an important part of an overall brand management strategy. Customers often form an impression of a brand long before their first personal contact. A well-maintained label reflects the key qualities consumers expect from the businesses they support: conscientious, supportive, resourceful, honest, practical, capable, and customer-focused.

Whether it’s intentional or not, think about the message old, faded sign maintenance and those with missing letters, chipped paint, and poor lighting send. Routine maintenance and timely repairs demonstrate customer appreciation and protect your assets by extending the life of your property signage and reducing operating costs.

Maintenance And Repair Sign

Your commercial signs will certainly need maintenance in progress signs or repair if you keep them for a long time. Even signs made from the highest quality materials can fade or become damaged by forces beyond your control. No company will want to leave a damaged registration as this can create a negative perception of the type of work the company offers.

To restore commercial sign maintenance to its original appearance, you will need to find a company that offers maintenance signage services. These companies will be able to assess the damage, determine what materials need to be used to repair your signage and make commercial sign repairs to get everything back to its original appearance.

If you require one of these sign makers companies, you will need to know about some of the primary types of sign repair available. In addition, it is important to be aware of common problems that experienced repair companies should be able to handle.

The Main Types Of Sign Repairs

When considering sign maintenance services, there are several different types of sign repairs services that you should know about. Below are few of the top business sign repair options:

Commercial Sign Repair 

Commercial signs are usually the most straightforward type of brand commercial sign repair. These characters may need to be repaired due to fading of the graphics over time or damage such as peeling or cracking. Sometimes there are lights on commercial brands that may have been damaged or need to be replaced. A sign with inadequate lighting or obvious surface damage may reflect poorly on your business and should be repaired as soon as possible.

An experienced sign repairs company will be able to assess the damage and repair the problem. A quality repair specialist will determine what is causing the fading and take steps to restore the maintenance sign to its original vibrant color. The best specialists can even add features to help prevent fading again, such as adding a new laminate.

When Choosing A Repairer, You Should Check The Following:

Assessment: Your repair company should determine what is causing the sign to fade to properly repair it.

Restoration Methods: Professionals should be able to tell you how they will restore your sign to its original color before they do it.

Prevention Features: The repair company should tell you what features they offer and add to help stop fading after restoration.

Light Repair and Replacement: Your repair professionals should be willing to repair or replace damaged lights on your sign.

Safety issues: These workers should also spend time addressing any safety issues on your brand to ensure they meet standards.

Rust, Rot, and Erosion Control: The company must control these problems and have a plan in place to fix and stop them during the sign repair process.

Correct and honest information: Repairers should have a thorough understanding of why you asked for help and ways to resolve the problem.

Sign repair companies must provide efficient service to help extend the life of your products. If you notice wear, lighting issues, reduced legibility, or other bothersome issues, please contact a commercial sign company to address your concerns.

The success of your signage system depends on professional signage installation and maintenance of progress signs.

Nothing lasts forever, but our maintenance signage service can give your signs all the love and care they need, ensuring they last for many years and still look as fresh as the day they were installed.

We understand the importance of regular maintenance and repairs and offer a variety of maintenance contracts to keep your signage looking its best. If you’ve invested in high-quality signage, it makes good business sense to ensure it’s kept in tip-top condition to maintain its visual impact and safety.

Why Maintain Your Signage?

Sign maintenance is not an option but a legal requirement under three separate pieces of legislation, so your signage must comply with building regulations, planning requirements, and health and safety laws. The brand owner is ultimately responsible for its maintenance and safety and will need to ensure that it is regularly inspected and repaired if necessary.

Maintenance Of Interior Signs

Protecting your indoor signage investment starts with choosing the right location. Install the signs out of direct sunlight as bright sunlight causes discoloration, fading, and distortion. If you must install signs in areas where direct sunlight streams through windows or doors, use blinds or curtains to block or filter the light. There are many sun filter window products on the market today that block harmful UV rays while allowing natural light to pass through.

Although indoor signs are generally protected from the elements, they still need regular cleaning and inspection. It is a good idea to monitor interior markings more often for splashes and spills, excessive fingerprinting, and other hazards. For example, convenience stores will have to wipe down signs near soda fountains and grocery counters more often.

Naturally, the cleaning schedule for a doctor’s office with internal signage to direct patient flow will differ from that for a high-traffic gas station. Every business should evaluate its customer flow and create a cleaning and inspection plan to complement its regular business.

Regardless of frequency, clean metal or acrylic signs with a warm, mild solution of detergent and water and soft, lint-free wipes or cloths. To avoid scratching, never use aggressive chemicals, sharp objects, and abrasive substances. Avoid commercial cleaners and glass cleaners, as these products can weaken sealants and damage your sign.

Maintenance Of Exterior Signs

Consider these dos and don’ts when designing a cleaning and care plan for your outdoor signs.


• Clean all exterior markings regularly. Pencil in cleaning day and bring in additional staff if needed to get started on schedule.

• Keep signs looking their best after ice storms, heavy rains, and winds strong enough to blow airborne road dirt and debris into the markings.

• Always turn off the electricity supply to the signs before cleaning

• Use a sprayer with nozzles and spray at least a foot from the mark to avoid impact damage

• Clean easily accessible surfaces by hand using a mild liquid detergent and soft sponges or lint-free cotton cloths.

• Rinse thoroughly.

• Wipe dry if possible to prevent water stains.

• Inspect the frame, base, emblem, letters, and other components for cracks and other damage – schedule repair as soon as possible to prevent further damage.


• Use power washers above 200 psi – high pressure can cause damage and/or premature failure.

• Use water with a temperature higher than 180 degrees.

• Use harsh chemicals, metal cleaning tools or scrapers, paper towels, newspaper, coarse brushes, or other abrasive clothing. Surfaces and finishes could be scratched or scratched.

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